Village De Tentes: Reserve Your Festival Space Today

Music. Friends. And your very own space to fest and rest.

Music. Friends. And your very own space to fest and rest. Village de Tentes provides festival-goers a dedicated area to enjoy the festival all weekend long. Plus all tent-space rentals help to defer Festivals Acadiens et Créoles costs to rent Girard Park for the weekend.

Rental Fees:
10 x 10-foot Tent Rental Space – $100
20 x 20-foot Tent Rental Space – $150
Company Branded Tent – $500 (No larger than a 20×20 tent)

Additional Information:

Tents may be set up anytime beginning on Tuesday prior to the start of the festival. Festivals Acadiens et Creoles is not responsible if your tent is stolen or damaged in any way.

● All tents must be registered
● Rental fees based on tent size.
● A tax-deductible donation to Festivals Acadiens et Creoles will be determined based on the size of your tent.
● NO ICE CHESTS ALLOWED, so bring your ice chest empty and we’ll fill it up!
● NO OUTSIDE FOOD ALLOWED – The Bayou Food Festival has GREAT FOOD!
● No company logos allowed unless approved by Festivals.
● Tent space location is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
● Tent setup and teardown is the responsibility of the Village de Tentes registrant.
● Tents must be removed by Sunday Evening.
● Any tents left in Girard Park after the festival ends will be discarded.

Thank You.