Balfa Toujours, meaning Balfa Always, is headed by Christine Balfa, the daughter of the late Cajun Ambassador, Dewey Balfa. Courtney Granger adds to the family affair with his soulful singing and fiddling. Kevin Wimmer, one of the finest fiddlers around, is a founding member of Balfa Toujours. He studied directly with Dewey for many years. When Courtney and Kevin Wimmer take off on twin fiddle adventures, they can steal your breath away. With the addition of Jean- Jaques Aucoin on accordion and Shane Guidry on bass, both bring their passion and family musical heritage into the band that keeps dancers always on the floor. Along with Balfa Toujours beautiful renditions of traditional songs, the band’s original music brings lyrics that are always thoughtful, whether hilarious, or penetratingly sad. They are sometimes joined by Christine’s sister, Nelda Balfa, also a founding member of the band. The family passion for music has also been passed on to both of Christine’s daughters, Ameila and Sophie Powell. Balfa Toujours is not only a band, they are family. Their reason its birth in 1993 still rings true today, 27 years later. Creating their music brings them joy and happiness. And at the same time, it fosters and continues the music and the passion for life of the Balfa family. They feel blessed to be able to share this and hopefully inspire others to do the same